Baltimore ranked 14th most walkable city

22 neighborhoods ranked very high

BALTIMORE - Erin Cummings lives in Federal Hill where almost everything a family needs is within walking distance; she says she can go days without even seeing the inside of her car.

"Oh I definitely do.  I am a stay at home mom so I can walk to the grocery store, you know whatever we need.  It's relatively easy."

Ease is a main reason why Federal Hill scored one of the most walkable neighborhoods in the 14th most walkable U.S. city.

The Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance at the University of Baltimore studied the data and ranked Baltimore's walkability rate.

Their map breaks it down by neighborhood and gives you the big picture with the darker colored areas defined as a walkers paradise to the lighter ones which are more car dependent.

It should come as no surprise that neighborhoods like Federal Hill around the Inner Harbor are pretty high ranking in this walkability survey, but it's more than just landmarks and city centers considered.

"You see many more bike lanes, you see better sidewalks.  You see more amenities coming into neighborhoods and that's what people are looking for."

Baltimore Walkability Study
Using the latest data from Walk Score, Baltimore City had a Walk Score of 52.4. This places the City as whole in the "somewhat walkable" category having some amenities within walking distance. [click]

Seema Iyer with BNIA says it's all about walking to most of your errands, dinner or entertainment and how often you can avoid driving if you choose.

In addition to Fells Point, Harbor East and Federal Hill, midtown ranks as a walker's paradise; still considered 'very walkable' is a fairly large swath of the city including neighborhoods like Canton by the harbor and Belvedere in North Baltimore.

"You got to be able to walk to get your gallon of milk, your neighborhood restaurant, possibly even walk to work.  So there is a compilation of a set of amenities in an urban setting that you would want to be able to walk to," said Iyer.

And walkability does matter, it is a top indicator city communities asked BNIA to research and the same areas that scored the highest in this survey were also the ones that added the most population.

Baltimore's average walkability score as a whole was about 52 and a half.

22 city neighborhoods got a rank of 70 or above which is an incredibly attractive score for potential new residents and developers.

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