Baltimore rallies for Michael Brown, calls for action against police brutality

BALTIMORE - The chants rang out, "hands up don't shoot! Hands up don't shoot!

A growing tide of protesters, marched throughout downtown Baltimore to make their message heard.

“Cell blocks for killer cops! Cell blocks for killer cops!”

The rally was part of the National Moment of Silence for victims of brutality, stemming from the recent death of Missouri teen Michael Brown.

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The march snaked from the courthouse to Baltimore Police Headquarters, onto Gay Street to McKeldin Square. (Follow the protest with a Twitter recap below)

Locally, the march was spurred on by the death of Tyrone West, who died while in police custody.

“Tyrone west was my brother. The love that I have for him keeps me going keeps me fighting for justice,” Twanda West said.

West died in 2013 after a fight with officers who were trying to arrest him. Just last week the officers were cleared of wrong-doing.

The officers involved in the death of Anthony Anderson in 2012, were also cleared.

Those deaths and others are part of a pattern, the protestors say, of increasingly violent interactions between police and the public.

Dozens of police officers watched the protesters from several different locations, in many instances, recording them with small video cameras.


Early in the evening outside the Mitchell Courthouse, Police Commissioner Anthony Batts looked on. The commissioner declined to comment on camera; he said he there to make sure the protesters First Amendment rights were protected.

Police later confirmed there were no incidents from the protest. 

“This police department is absolutely one of the most corrupt in the nation. But that has to change. It cannot continue like that. It’s been like that for far too long,” said A.F.  James MacArthur, also known as the Baltimore Spectator.  


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