Baltimore & Potomac tunnel study extends to the community

BALTIMORE - Amtrak, The Federal Railroad Administration, and the Maryland Department of Transportation are moving into the second phase of a survey being conducted on the 141-year-old Baltimore & Potomac Tunnel located in Baltimore,  according to a release from the Maryland Department of Transportation.

The survey, expected to be completed by 2017 authorities said, is focused around increasing the overall safety of the tunnel, the environmental impact of the tunnel, and alleviating the bottleneck within the Baltimore & Potomac tunnel that causes traffic for commuter and freight trains daily.

"Solving the bottlenecks is important to improving the reliability and safety of passenger rail travel along the Northeast Corridor. The time has come to move forward on improvements to the B&P Tunnel, part of our critical transportation infrastructure that supports local jobs and businesses, benefits our local communities, and keeps regional and national commerce moving," said Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) in a statement.

The second phase of the survey will allow for public involvement in order to attend to the concerns of the community, according to authorities. There will be a series of open houses with the first at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, June 19, at Coppin State University’s Talon Center (2500 West North Avenue, Baltimore, Md., 21216).

For more information about the open houses, please visit the Baltimore & Potomac Tunnel website

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