Baltimore pays homage to Art Modell


Art Modell fans wrapped around M&T Bank Stadium to pay homage to a man who left his mark on the city.

"Thanks, art, for all you've done for Baltimore.  Thank you," said two Ravens fans.

They lined up and waited for the gates to open at 11:00 a.m. Saturday morning.

There was no beer, hot dogs, or cheering fans – but people in purple and black, like Ben Davis, who wanted to give his sons a history lesson on their hometown.

"I try to teach my kids about how Baltimore went without a football team," said Ben Davis.  "They need to know the history of how they came back," he said.

Football came back to Baltimore thanks to Art Modell, and his name is now stamped on the field.

He is credited with naming the Ravens 17 years ago, starting Monday night football, and raising money for charities.

Modell's sons, John and David, greeted every person who walked past the casket.

Among the crowd of people that were there to pay their respects was former offensive tackle Johnathan Ogden who explained that he remembered the personal side.

"He was always like, so Jonathan how are you doing man?  How's your mother?  How's your brother?  I mean he knew everybody's name," said Ogden.  "I could do that or the guy in the practice squad could do that," he said.  

With the Super Bowl trophy sitting next to the casket, about three-thousand people paid their respects to someone who looked like family.

"I can't imagine what my life would have been like or my family's life, all the memories we've had at this stadium, watching the games, if we didn't have that," said Mort Shuman.  "I just wanted to thank him one last time for being a great person," he said.

David Modell expressed his gratitude for all of the support that the city of Baltimore gave back to his father on Saturday.

"If anyone in the world wonders why this is the best football city in the world, all they had to do was be here today," he said. 

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