Baltimore expands street sweeping clean up efforts to every city neighborhood

BALTIMORE - You can soon say goodbye to the trash and garbage seen blowing through the streets of Baltimore.

The city is expanding a clean up project that will send street sweepers through every Baltimore neighborhood twice each month.

"Everybody's trying to keep their yards clean, but then we just have this trash that keeps piling up," said Aaron Rivers, who says he's tried just about everything to keep his street clear.

He says he's sick of seeing trash blowing through the roads.

"A lot of people, they'll have bags of trash and they'll just throw their bags of trash wherever they're walking at, or whenever they're finished with it, they just throw it down. And that doesn't do anything for our streets," he said.

The garbage ends up cluttering the sidewalks, alleys, and curbs. It's neighborhoods like his that have sparked a citywide clean up effort. Currently, Baltimore only sweeps 30 percent of its streets. Come April 2, the mayor says every city neighborhood will see the street sweepers rolling through.

"Mechanical street sweeping is another way the city can work with our residents who are trying to maintain the cleanliness of their neighborhoods, their yards, their walkways, their alleys," said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

The city plans to send out postcards reminding residents of the cleaning, and instructions on when specific streets will be cleaned. The city says they won't ticket or tow you if you don't move your car on cleaning day, but that the crews will instead simply skip your road.


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