Baltimore DPW warns residents about possible scam involving fake workers

BALTIMORE - Officials with the Baltimore Department of Public Works are warning residents about possible DPW imposters.

Two people entered a downtown fast food restaurant around 8:30 p.m. Thursday and told the manager they were from the city and needed to check the sump pump. They may have been wearing uniform-like clothing.

The scammers also told the manager that the water in the bathrooms was running, apparently causing the sump pumps to run.

The manager asked them for ID, which they didn’t have. The duo left afterwards.

DPW director Rudolph S. Chow reminded residents that DPW employees aren’t authorized to enter your home or private sections of your business without your permission.

DPW employees also wear uniforms and carry photo ID. Residents should always ask to see a Baltimore City employee identification card, which includes a photograph. 

If you doubt the authenticity of either, do not let them in and contact DPW for verification.

Baltimore City residents can call 311. In the Baltimore County service area, residents should call 410-396-5352.

A similar incident was reported in Fells Point last month. 

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