Baltimore City Council passes stricter curfew bill

Baltimore under 14 will have to be in by 9 p.m.

BALTIMORE - Baltimore City is one step closer to a curfew law that would force kids under 14 to be inside their homes by 9 p.m.

Supporters say it'll keep kids safe -- opponents believe it'll just lead to more mistrust between residents and city police.

The measure was passed by Baltimore’s City Council unanimously 13-2 Monday evening.


A group of protestors chanted inside the Council Chamber “no youth curfew. No youth curfew.”

The law takes effect later this summer.

Kids under 14 will have to be inside by 9 p.m. Kids between 14 and 16 will be allowed out as later 10 p.m. on school nights and 11 p.m. on weekends and summer nights.

“We did that because it's just old school common sense,” Councilman Brandon Scott, the bill’s lead supporter, said. “If you're going to ask young people to be up and ready for school at 6:30, 7 o'clock in the morning then they should not be out at 11 p.m. at night."

The bill removes criminal penalties from curfew violations, replacing them with a fine for parents, which can also be avoided if they attend family counseling.

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Why certain community groups opposed the new curfew: 

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