Baltimore City Council passes food truck legislation

BALTIMORE - The Green Bowl is just one of about 40 food trucks that roam the streets of Baltimore.  The roving restaurant has been serving customers for nine months.  Co-owner David Chapman says it's an expanding industry in Charm City.

"It's definitely growing. You know each year there's a handful more trucks," he said.

Back in 2011 guidelines were established for how food trucks can operate in the city.  Monday night, Baltimore City Council members approved a bill that will create new food truck zones, giving the mobile venders more options for where they can peddle their products.

"It's going to be a lottery where they can pick so they can get the spots where they want to be within the zones,” Baltimore City Council President Jack Young said.

The legislation allows trucks to continue operating on roads with meters, and operators can apply to participate in farmers markets.  There are also restrictions for how close the traveling eateries can set up shop near schools and brick-and-mortar restaurants.

"There was some give and take and we came up with a bill that I think everybody can live with,” said Young.

The new zones have not been established yet, the Department of General Services is spearheading that.

Owners of The Green Bowl say they're hopeful the bill will help the industry expand, but right now there are a lot of questions.

"How the zones are going to be divvied out, whether or not we're going to have a say in what days we're going to use what zones, or if we're going to be allowed to trade them with one another,” Chapman said.  “It's all going to be in the details."

The Mayor still needs to sign off on the legislation.

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