Baltimore celebrates opening of Waverly Elementary-Middle School

BALTIMORE - A pile of rubble is all that remains of Waverly Elementary School.

Its demolition has paved the way for the new Waverly Elementary-Middle School. A large crowd filled the school’s auditorium for what was considered an historic event: the first new school built in the city in decades.

A state-of-the-art school built for 900 students in grades pre-K to 8th. At a construction cost of $26.9 million, the state had to decide what would be priority

“One of those things that a lot of states stopped doing was to invest in education and to invest in school construction and reconstruction,” said Gov. Martin O’Malley. “But not our state, we decided to do more rather than less.”

It's an environmentally-friendly school with lots of windows and open space, designed to accommodate today’s technologically-advanced students while encouraging their young minds to grow

“And when I see the future look as bright as it does today with students who are excited about learning excited about their possibilities in a building that I know that we can all be very proud of not just what it looks like but how we worked together to get here,” said Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

And a great attraction for the community, one that helps emphasize the message education is taken seriously

"This is going to be an incentive for people who are moving into Baltimore,” said Waverly Elementary-Middle Principal Amanda Rice.”This should help increase our population of residents in Baltimore because as a parent myself one of the first things you think about is ‘I need my child in a good school,’ so this will be representative of a good school that people can send their students to."

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