Baltimore begins to look normal after Grand Prix

BALTIMORE - Baltimore is starting to look like normal again after a wild weekend downtown.

The Grand Prix is over and now the cleanup has begun.

Pratt Street and a lot of other roads in the city were closed for the race , but will reopen by 6 Tuesday morning.

It was an exciting weekend for Baltimore's first ever Grand Prix. It's hard to say what was better, the speed, the sound, or the feel of race cars zooming along at 180 miles per hour.

Drivers and fans say it was worth the year-long headache of road repairs and street closures.

By the end of the weekend fans say they were looking forward to the Grand Prix returning for the next four years.

Driver Will Power took the top prize and was presented his trophy by Former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Power said "It's (Baltimore) better than most places. The crowd was better. The track was more technical. I think the improvements they will make next year, man they put on a great venue."

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