Attorney files a lawsuit against Johns Hopkins in Dr. Nikita Levy case

Police say gynecologist was filming patients

BALTIMORE - Tyesha Bell is the first patient of Dr. Nikita Levy to file a lawsuit against Johns Hopkins, who happens to be her former employer.  Levy committed suicide earlier this week following allegations that he secretly recorded patients during gynecology exams. 

Bell saw Levy for six years.

"I can remember on one occasion we were talking about an issue, a health issue that I was having, and brought up to my doctor and he was almost extremely interested," said Bell.   

Bell said it's hindsight now, but she remembers feeling uncomfortable.  Still, she was stunned to learn the news.

"I yelled in the break room at lunch time," she said.   

In the lawsuit filed on Friday, Bell claims serious painful and permanent injuries from Dr. Levy's actions and that Johns Hopkins intentionally and fraudulently concealed and withheld relevant information.

"Clearly, my client as well as other clients who have called me have been damaged. There's clearly damage involved in this case.  They've been hurt, they've been manipulated.  They've been abused," said Scott Snyder, Bell's attorney.   

Another Baltimore law firm has taken more than a 100 calls from Levy's former patients.  Steve Kelly says he is waiting on more information before filing a lawsuit.

Instead, they submitted letters to the city police department and Johns Hopkins with five requests.

"That's the number one thing that we hear from these women.  They're very concerned that their very intimate photographs have been broadcast to the world," said Kelly.    

Police have said they're investigating whether the images were shared, and now there's a legal request to get the answer.

As for Bell, she doesn't know if Dr. Levy took her picture.  Regardless, she claims there's damage and is asking for at least $5 million.

"Now I have to find a new GYN somewhere else and that thought of him recording me or possibly recording me is forever etched in my mind," said Bell.    

Johns Hopkins has not returned our calls all week.

Investigators say Levy served about 1,000 patients as a gynecologist at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Officials confirmed Friday morning that more than 500 women had called a hotline set up for women who may have been victims.


Meanwhile, Silverman Thompson Slutkin White Attorneys at law sent letters to Johns Hopkins, the Baltimore County Police Department and the Baltimore Police Department (city) Friday. The law firm says they represent more than 100 women that were patients of Dr. Nikita Levy.

The letters requested the following:

1) Assurance that any victim identified in a video or image will be confidentially notified and provided as much information as possible

2) Notification as to whether there currently is any evidence that Dr. Levy distributed images of any of the victims in any manner

3) Assurance that the victims promptly will be informed should any information concerning any distribution of the images become available

4) Assurance that all video and images depicting them (victims) is securely maintained

5) Notification as to what procedures Johns Hopkins has in place and/or implemented to ensure the privacy and dignity of patients is protected.

The law firm also filed a motion in circuit court Friday to preserve evidence in the case, fearing some of it may be lost.  The filing indicates, "Johns Hopkins possesses evidence relevant to the civil investigation that will not be collected or preserved by BPD or BCOPD in the course of their criminal investigation."  The firm is concerned that a great deal of the evidence involved in the case is likely to be stored in electronic formats and could easily or automatically be deleted unless action is taken by the courts.

Dr. Nikita Levy
Baltimore Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi was very clear and said it several times -- the person of interest is dead, and the case is now focused on identifying and helping victims.

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* ABC2 News' Joce Sterman contributed to this report.

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