Attorney for Barnes murder suspect says no new evidence

Michael Johnson's attorney apeaks out

Surrounded by law enforcement from the city, state and neighboring counties, Baltimore City State's Attorney Greg Bernstein had little to say.

Sixteen months after her disappearance there was an arrest in the highly publicized case of missing North Carolina teen Phylicia Barnes.

28-year-old Michael Johnson Barnes' older sister's former boyfriend was charged with first degree murder.

"Mr. Johnson was arrested and taken into custody without incident last evening."

"It was clear to me that there had been some kind of physical confrontation."

Russel Neverdon, Johnsons' attorney had plenty to say.

"I believe that they have a circumstantial case.  Just based upon the evidence that they have had DNA they have had him come in on numerous interviews."

While Neverdon did not minimize the tragic death of Barnes and understands her families need for justice....he said Johnson who's claimed his innocence all along wants the same.

"At this point he too would like closure because he's been walking around on eggshells."

Barnes' family members have suspected Johnson from the beginning.

They've said why would a close family friend, not be there for the vigils and search efforts looking for Barnes.

Neverdon says the family was told to sever ties with Johnson because police considered him a suspect.

No details were released because the indictment against Johnson is sealed.

But after numerous interviews with his client and police, Neverdon says so far he's seen nothing new.

"I'm demanding of the state right now produce what you have, put your cards on the table.  Give me what you've got and let's go toforward."

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