'Ashes to go' service hits the streets of Baltimore

BALTIMORE, MD - Three churches in Hampden spent Ash Wednesday hitting the streets of Baltimore, offering 'ashes to go.'

"We're here taking ashes to the community, as a reminder that we're not perfect people, but God loves us anyway," said Reverend Bonnie McCubbin, with Good Sheperd UMC.

"Ashes to go!" Two church leaders shouted as they waved a banner on West 36th Street in Baltimore.

It was Ash Wednesday on the run.

"Would you like to receive any ash?" Reverend McCubbin asked a passerby.

She says bringing the service outside of the church doors helps to reach out to the entire community.

"A lot of people have busy schedules, kids, activities, they don't stop for worship in the middle of the week," she said. "So, we want to give them an opportunity to come and experience God's love and God's grace in their life."

Church leaders spent Wednesday afternoon offering free ashes outside of Cafe Hon in Hampden.

"I got a woman to roll her window down to ask what was going on," one church leader said.

"It's bringing the church out into the community it serves instead of waiting behind closed doors and hoping someone walks in," said Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke, who stopped by for ashes.

In a time when we're always on the run, it's a church's effort to help squeeze in religion, in an on-the-go fashion we all know well.

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