Are skinny women really perfect?

Baltimore professor releases debut novel

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - "At one of the lowest medical points of my life, walking out of the hospital, a lady marveled at how perfect I was because of how skinny I am. I thanked her with a half-smile and having barely taken five steps, right outside the door I broke down in tears"

It was all the inspiration T. Richard needed before getting to work on her debut novel, Skinny Women Are Perfect.

"I abandoned a fully finished manuscript and started writing Skinny Women Are Perfect," said T. Richard.

Skinny Women Are Perfect is a story about four women who appear perfect, by society's standards, on the exterior but are facing serious demons on the inside.

The characters in this book are described as the ladies every woman wants to be.  They are successful, wealthy, have incredible men, and each other.

Page after page, Richard says her readers will be taken on a journey of deception, secrets, and lies.

Rory, Neekoo, Bailey and Sierra are the names of the characters that appear to have the world at their feet.  They range from a loving wife to an unfiltered therapist, and a fashionista to a renowned journalist.  

"I probably relate most to Neekoo Rahul the journalist, who is deceptively charming, but harbors some really deep secrets and issues," Richard said when asked if she related to any of the characters.  "Sierra Snowden the therapist, would be a close second because she is bitingly honest and guarded, but does everything out of love, even when it doesn't appear so," she said.

It makes sense that Richard would relate most to the character that is a journalist because she has spent many years in the front of the classroom as a Public Relations professor at Morgan State University. In addition, Richard owns a non-profit organization that promotes character and esteem building in young women.

It is easy for Skinny Women Are Perfect to turn heads by the title alone.

It's a title that many could view to be as controversial as when comedian Mo'Nique uses her "skinny women are evil" line during a stand-up routine.

"It came from the idea that other people think that skinny women don't really have any real image issues to deal with and they are judged by their appearance and aren't always given the space to gripe about their image just because they're skinny," Richard explained.

ABC2 News: Do you think women of different sizes will find the title of the book offensive?

"I can understand why they would, and to them I would say, I make no apologies, read the book and you will be introspectively surprised that the book is more than the title," Richard responded.

Richard hopes that readers walk away from her book defining their own perfection, "un-apologetically"!

The official launch of Skinny Women Are Perfect is this Thursday, June 27 between 6:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

The "Ladies Night Out" themed event invites women of all colors, shapes, and sizes to the Cylburn Arboretum-The Vollmer Center (4915 Greenspring Avenue) in Baltimore.

To learn more about the book, characters, author, or how you can get your hands on a copy – CLICK HERE


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