Arc Baltimore employee survives a brush with truck crash suspect

BALTIMORE - They're back to the scene of the crime to finish the job they left. Employees of The Arc Baltimore are friends of ABC2 News on any given day, but Tuesday, May 13 was exceptional.

They started landscape work around eight in the morning, and just as they were finishing up, the five-man crew got caught up in the evacuation order.  In fact, Michael Cashwell was closer to the suspect than anyone. 

Surveillance video shows Cashwell in the vestibule with Vladimir Baptiste , who police identify as the suspect, as he was screaming to let him in. 

“Open the door, open the door, open the door,” said Cashwell, when asked what the guy was saying. 

Rich Rattray was the supervisor on staff.  With intellectual and developmental disabilities, his crew can have more anxiety during an emergency, but they managed to stay calm.

As Cashwell got away quickly, the Arc's staff sheltered with ABC2 News employees for hours.

"They just started moving us around the school building into the church building just to kind of stay there and be safe.  I guess at that point they didn't know if the gentleman was armed," said Rich Rattray with The Arc Baltimore. 

"Even though he had some anxiety about some things, he felt completely safe because Rich's leadership was amazing," said Don Watts, director of landscape services, The Arc Baltimore.   

The Arc Baltimore followed ABC2's evacuation plan, and fortunately Cashwell knew it wasn't the right time to get inside.

 “Yes, yes, yes," Cashwell said when asked if it was scary.   

Supervisors with The Arc Baltimore are planning a celebration for their employees, and they will be back next week. They didn't seem too rattled by what happened at the front doors.

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