Asian gaming room is one unique feature inside Horseshoe Casino

BALTIMORE, Md. - Slot machines are lit up, and so are the chandeliers, which are hanging on both floors at Horseshoe Casino.  The plastic is coming off chairs.  Tables are untouched.  Numbers are ready for a bet.  

"There are 1,440 minutes in a day and we'll be the only bar serving drinks around the clock in Baltimore," said Noah Hirsch, V.P. Marketing, Horseshoe Baltimore.

Even the bar has numbers as its name.  “1440” has a video wall, a mezzanine level for private bottle service, and a dance floor.  Staying upstairs, Horseshoe created an Asian gaming room.

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"It's a customer base that we've seen throughout the market and throughout the country, and we want to make sure there was a comfortable area," said Hirsch. 

You may think it belongs to Baltimore.  The Oriole bird is on the carpet.  Turns out, it's a symbol of luck in the Asian culture.

There's copper bamboo and tables for the games Baccarat and Pai Gow.  You can step out onto the main floor and spend just a penny to place a bet or you can drop $50,000 at a table game.

"We want to sell downtown Baltimore to absolutely everyone, both tourists as well as our neighbors, and say this is a place that folks want to come down to and visit," said Hirsch. 

You can see M&T Bank Stadium from the casino floor, and you'll also have a place to tailgate before the games.  There is Baltimore's best beer, Lenny's deli, along with Johnny Sanchez and Guy Fieri's.

We took the glitz and glam to Federal Hill to see how south Baltimore feels about its new neighbor and the ability to serve 24/7.

"Fair, probably not.  But it is a different entity.  It's a casino," said Spike Owen, manager, Cowboys & Rednecks.  "Maybe they'll come over here at 8 O'clock in the evening to have dinner and a couple of drinks and then go over to the casino." 

The neighborhood bars will have to compete with live entertainment seven days a week and rock star karaoke.

On Monday, August 18, Horseshoe will be ready to go for Maryland Lottery.  It's a chance to test the games and the winnings will be donated to two charities:  Living Classrooms and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

The casino will open to the public on August 26 at 9 p-m.  From that point forward it will stay open 24/7.

Horseshoe created 1,700 hundred new jobs.  Hirsch said half of the offers went to people who live in Baltimore City.


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