Missing Baltimore man found in West Virginia

UPDATE -- Kyle Kinnamon, the 28-year-old Baltimore man who went missing for three days, was located Wednesday in West Virginia. 

Kinnamon reportedly drove to West Virginia to "clear his head," according to a message posted to the Missing: Help find Kyle Kinnamon Facebook page .

While there, Kinnamon was pulled over by police. No further information is known at this time.

ORIGINAL -- Kyle Kinnamon was last seen Monday Aug. 4 at about 9 a.m. in Parkville. He was staying over a friend’s house.

The trail goes cold at 11:45 a.m. Monday when an email receipt shows Kinnamon returned a Redbox DVD at the 7-Eleven in the 9400 block of Harford Road. A friend said he was wearing a purple and gray plaid shirt. (See photos)

Earlier that morning, the 28 year old sent a text message to his Heather Collins, who is his supervisor at Baltimore Research, to let her know he would not be coming into work. 
However, when he didn't show up on Tuesday morning and didn't call or text, alarm bells went off. 
"Even if he's running five minutes late, he'll send me a text or call me to let me know," Collins said. 
"For him not to show up to work and just not call, this is just terrifying right now so we're just really worried about him," Kyle's friend, Corry Bulkley, said. 

Kinnamon’s friends and family cast a wide net in search for Kinnamon.

"We've called every hospital, assuming the best and also being realistic and addressing the worst. We've asked for his name, John Doe, we've canvassed the airport, we've contacted bus stations, I mean everything," Collins said. 

They have also reached out on social media where they have racked up thousands of views and shares. See the Facebook page here .

A missing person report was filed in Baltimore City where he lives in Upper Fells Point.

Kinnamon’s mother, Gayle, also reached out to authorities in Baltimore County and Westminster where the 28-year-old is known to frequent. 


"It's just not like him to just fall off the face of the earth," Gayle told ABC2.
No one close to Kinnamon noticed anything different about him that might indicate he was upset or worried about something.  
"If he's doing something because he's unhappy, there's not anything in this life that can't be fixed and we're all here to help him and I just want him home," Gayle said.

Kinnamon drives a 2012 gold/tan four-door Honda Civic with a busted rear driver side window. The window was covered by a black trash bag. The car's tag number is 4AM1599.

Kinnamon is about 5-feet-10-inches tall, weighing about 190 pounds, with blue eyes and short hair.

Anyone with information about Kinnamon’s whereabouts are asked to contact police at 410-396-2422.

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