A Grinch on 34th Street


If you're feeling the holiday blues, Baltimore's Miracle on 34th Street will turn you around.  There are one million lights, 22 neighbors working together, and the little minds who believe in the magic.

"The colors are great for Christmas," says Sakineh Schaeffer, a four year old from Baltimore. 

As you look around, there's a toy shop, messages for Santa, crabs, and even Natty Boh gets on board.

"Right now, we don't have a Christmas tree up.  So our child this is her first Christmas of awareness.  So we brought her down here so she can see what Christmas looks like," said Lauren Harris, from Cockeysville.           

But the homeowners say someone tries to steal that Christmas spirit when they stand at the end of the block and ask for donations.  Bob Hosier came up with this bright idea back in 1991. 

"Everybody tries to take advantage from time to time.  We don't take no donations.  We do not get any reimbursement or help from Baltimore Gas & Electric," said Hosier.   

City police have no reports but some neighbors told us they take care of the problem by telling the Grinch to get lost.

"I say god bless their hearts.  This is something that can bring a community, not just a community but a city and maybe even a state.  This is the type of thing that can bring a country together," said James Harris, from Cockeysville.    

People from all over the world have signed guest books.  The Miracle on 34 th is often voted one of the top five places to see holiday lights.

Homeowners want nothing in return. 

"If you feel you need to make a donation, pick your favorite charity and send them a check," said Hosier.    

They also get nothing from BGE, no credit during the 35 days of display.  Seeing Sakineh Schaeffer light up is all they ever want.

"Elves and Santa Clause absolutely because look at all this.  How would this open by itself," she said.    

The Salvation Army was out collecting donations Monday night, but they have an in with a homeowner.  So if someone comes up to you, says they live on 34 th, and asks for help, don't believe it.

The Miracle on 34th is a gift to anyone who wants to visit.





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