Baltimore street renamed after Decerio Coley, 8, who died saving sister's life in fire

BALTIMORE - From the burned out window to the balloons below on Bruce Street, the loss here is still fresh.

First Responders lined the street joining family and friends paying tribute to 8-year-old Decerio Coley, who saved his sister's life and died trying to save his brother from a house fire. 

"She understands but she doesn't.  She understands that they're gone, but she doesn't understand that they're not coming back," Rokea McCullough, Coley's mother, said holding his sister Willow. 

Little Willow is only here because of her brother. When their home caught fire June 16 he threw her out of the window to neighbors down on the street. He saved her life and went back to save his 6 year old brother Sean. But it was too late.


"I hope they know the city of Baltimore cares about their son and that what he did was extraordinary," Councilman William Pete Welch said. 

Welch led an effort to make sure everyone knows of Coley's sacrifice. 

On Friday, officials unveiled Decerio Coley Way. The process usually takes 45 days, but city officials expedited the process to just five. 

"I still doesn't even seem real.  I look at their pictures and  I’m like these are not my kids," McCullough said. 

While Decerio's action will forever be remembered on the renamed Bruce Street his parents can cherish the memories of their short lives and know they raised them well.

"I always told them when I'm not home you're the young men of the house.  You look over your brother and your sister and that's exactly what they did," Sean McCullough, the boys' father, said. 

The cause of the fire remains unknown. 

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