350,000 turn out for Baltimore's Artscape

Artscape in Baltimore is making a major impact.
Organizers told ABC2 the free arts festival brings in about $28.5 million each year. 
"That's people coming from out of town, staying in hotels, eating out after they visit the festival, the shopping they do here with the artists so all of that really factors into Baltimore's economy," Mitch Case, with the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, said. 
Devin Mack is one of the 150+ artists putting their talent on display. The local wire sculptor and his wife have had a booth for the past nine years. He said Artscape is always the best show of the year for them. 
"I do a lot of demonstrations during shows. While my wife is manning the booth, I'll be out front making stuff and right now I'm making a sting ray which was a special request from a customer," Mack said. 
For the estimated 350,000 attendees that make their way through the 15 city blocks, the three day event is a chance to experience the music, the art, the crafts and everything else the weekend has to offer. 
"The more you fuse culture, the better people can understand one another, especially in music and in art,"  Alphonso Blackstone, who has been going to Artscape for more than 10 years, said.  
For the organizers, it is a chance to enjoy the months of planning before getting to work once again. 
"The planning for Artscape really never stops so wheels are always turning. Really it starts to ramp up around December, January but we're always thinking about the next year," Case said. 
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