Woman says son was bullied at school

A mother in Anne Arundel County says her son was the victim of bullying at his middle school.

She says the boy, who is 11 years old, was punched in a classroom earlier this week.

Janell Martinez has five children; her 11-year-old is a sixth-grader at MacArthur Middle School. About a month ago, she got a progress report, telling her his grades had begun to slip.

"He wasn't paying attention, and he wasn't turning in his work, and he didn't want to work with other kids" she said.


The boy has braces on his legs to help him walk. It took a while, but she says he finally told her what had been happening.

"He stated to me that there were a couple of kids in his class that were teasing him and messing with him, and he was upset about it," she said.

She says she called and e-mailed his teacher and the principal, but this week, it got worse. Monday, another boy punched Janell's son -- he didn't want to be videotaped, but you can see the mark inside the white of his eye..

"I was upset because I felt like you guys knew that something was going to happen, and I felt like they just ignored everything," she said.

In a statement, Bob Mosier, a spokesman for Anne Arundel County Public Schools, said: "While we are unable to comment on a specific student case, our school system takes reports of bullying very seriously. The aggressive anti-bullying policy adopted by the Board of Education in 2009 spells out very clearly the procedures for investigating reports of bullying and offering support to victims of bullying. In addition, the Code of Student Conduct imposes harsh penalties for those who bully others."

But Janell Martinez says those procedures didn't protect her son; she says he won't be going to school Thursday morning.

"Honestly I don't feel safe. I don't feel safe sending him back to school. I'm not ok with that right now," she said.

Martinez has filed a police report regarding the incident earlier this week; she says she's still waiting for a response as to what happened from the school system, the principal of MacArthur Middle School or the boy's teacher.

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