Woman killed by driverless vehicle

Gathered in front of Lee Mahoney's longtime home on Chesapeake Drive, her family balances their grief with fond memories of the 73-year old matriarch who died in a freak accident.

"She raised generations of kids.  She always helped everybody.  Anybody who needed her---she was always there, and she was a really wonderful person and she's going to be really missed by everybody," said Jessica Turner, one of her granddaughters.
The deadly accident unfolded when an unoccupied Ford Mustang parked along the street began rolling down the slight hill, and tragically, Mahoney found herself directly in its path.

"That vehicle struck her and ran over her and came to a stop,” said Justin Mulcahy of the Anne Arundel County Police Department. “Now it appears, at that point, the owner of the vehicle sees the vehicle moving, runs out, unbeknownst to him that vehicle is on top of the victim.  He gets into the vehicle and backs the vehicle up.  At that point, he realizes there's someone under the car."
Paramedics would later transport her to a nearby hospital, but their efforts to save her life would be in vain.
Ironically, the owner of the car, 23-year old David Adam Garman, was no stranger to the family.

"One of my really good friends; it was his car that actually took my grandmother's life and I want him to know that my whole family forgives him and it's something that he could not control,” said Turner. IIt was an accident and he's a human and people make mistakes and we forgive him for everything."
But that doesn't ease the pain of losing someone who was always there for every one of them.

"If you needed anything, you could call her, no matter what. You could go years and call her and she'd still be there or she'd call you fifty times, so you'd call her back,” said Kimberli Pike, who is also a granddaughter, “So she's just a great woman and we're all going to miss her."

Investigators say Garman told them the car was left in neutral with the parking brake set, but his failure to turn the wheels toward the curb may have caused the accident.
He has not yet been charged in the incident. 


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