VIDEO | Naval Academy freshmen Midshipmen climb Herndon Monument

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - It is said the first person of the Naval Academy's freshman class to snatch the cap from the top of the greased Herndon Monument will become the first in the class to earn the rank of admiral. 

It hasn't happened yet. But it's a whole lot of fun anyway. 

“It’s so hot. It’s mass chaos up there," Tim Addison, of the college of 2017, said. "There’s body parts everywhere. Everyone is hot. Everyone is pushing but it’s so much fun.” 

It's an annual tradition at the Naval Academy for upper classmen to grease the monument with lard to make it more difficult for freshmen to climb. The goal is for freshmen to snatch the dixie cup sailor hat from the top of the monument and replace it with an upperclassmen cap. 

It took this year's class 2:19:35 to bring the cap down. 

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