Toaster pastry gun causes senate involvement


It's probably one of the first things a little kid learns to do.

Run around acting like they have a little gun, either with their fingers, or in the case of an Anne Arundel County boy, out of his breakfast pastry.  And it got him two days out of school and raised the hackles of a lot of parents.

"I think that a child is just kidding around I don't think he had an agenda he's just being a little boy," Linda Scott, a parent, said.

State Senator J.B. Jennings of Harford County has introduced a bill that would keep schools from blemishing the records of children that molded food in the shape of a gun, use their hand to make a gun or even drawing a picture of a gun.

He says it's time for some common sense.

"If it's done in an aggressive manner than yes they can deal with that, but if it's just a kid drawing it, it keeps it off the kids permanent record and that's a big issue to keep it off the permanent record," Jennings said.

Many school districts have adopted a policy of zero tolerance in light of violent incidents around the nation.

But Jennings bill would require districts to talk to parents about it before leaving mark on a child's permanent record.

Parents say they want educators to educate instead of punish.

Erika Davies, another parent tells ABC2 "Unfortunately we sometimes have to legislate common sense but it is what it is. I suppose I certainly hope that teachers and principals do understand the environment, but you can't throw common sense and kids being kids out the window."

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