Three juveniles robbed in Anne Arundel County on Friday

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY - Neighbors say typically Red Clay Road is a quiet area; besides the usual foot traffic they say there isn't much that goes on. But it's the exact location where, on Friday afternoon, a 9-year-old boy was robbed as he headed home.

"He was confronted by an older male who was walking behind him," said Lt. Richard Duvall with the Anne Arundel County Police Department. "The older male came up from behind, a slight altercation took place and he took the cell phone from the scene from the 9-year-old."

According to police, the suspect, believed to be in his teens, asked the child for the time. When the child got out his cell phone to check, the suspect snatched it.

"The 9-year-old tried to hold onto the phone, he was overpowered and the suspect took the phone with him," Lt. Duvall said.

Later that same night, and only a few minutes up the road, a 17-year-old was beaten up by four men who demanded his wallet and cell phone. The group did not get away with anything.

In a separate incident, two 15-year-olds were punched in the face and robbed of their cell phone.

Police say none of these crimes are related.

"It is very unusual," Lt. Duvall said. "We do see a pick up in the cell phone type of crimes because the value in the cell phones are going up, but usually not at that age for the victims."

Police are relying on the public's help for any information on any of the suspects involved in these cases.

"That's how most of our crimes are solved, by Good Samaritans. Tips that may not seem like it goes together for them, but when we piece it all together we're able to come up with a case against our suspect," said Lt. Duvall.

Police say you should talk to your kids about potential dangers; remind them to be aware of their surroundings and try to walk in pairs.

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