Three depositions made public in John Leopold case

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Laid out in more than 100 pages is multiple accusations against Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold.

Three police officers, including one who was assigned to his executive detail, supported claims made by the plaintiff, Karla Hamner.

"You could visibly see his need to control and you could visibly see and feel the fear factor rising during the 9 or 10 months I was there," said Hamner.    

Living now in Pittsburgh, Hamner spoke to us by phone.  She says she asked Leopold for help with a career change back in 2007.  He offered a receptionist job.

"I think that kind of speaks volumes to the perception that I had a college degree and years of management experience and I was offered a position as a receptionist," said Hamner. 

Hamner claims gender discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation.  An officer testified that Leopold mentioned "... one thing he really liked about her was the size of her breasts.  He spoke about that" before she accepted a job as county spokeswoman.      

According to the deposition, Leopold said "if you were single, I would ask you out because you just seem like you're a lot of fun."  The women in the office were known as "Leopold's angels," until they fell from grace.

"He just stopped in mid sentence and that's when he grabbed me and physically turned me toward him and yelled at me to get my hair out of my face," said Hamner.          

Hamner claims there was a physical confrontation before she was transferred to the police department.  The executive said Leopold told him to give the police chief a message: "when it comes time to get the job, he does not want her to get the job."

Leopold's office had no comment.

"So this is just really the tip of the ice berg,"  said Hamner. 

Hamner claims to know many stories, but hers may move to a civil trial in late fall.  Another officer will answer questions under oath on Monday.

The criminal trial was scheduled to start September 4 th, but it was postponed.  His attorney says he needs more time to go over all the information in the case.



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