Snow doesn't stop a florist shop on the day before Valentine's Day

ANNAPOLIS - There's the white stuff outside, and there's the pearly white inside, along with red and pink.  We're talking about the roses that are arranged at The Gateway Florist in Annapolis.  

"First I panicked. and then I got a grip and we're just trying to do the best we can," said Cindy Cheben, owner, The Gateway Florist, when it snowed the day before Valentine's Day.    

There are boxes of beauty, and there's beauty in the forecast, too.  It allowed the owners of The Gateway Florist to move up about 40 deliveries that were supposed to happen today.  But about 100 arrangements still need to be made for Valentine's Day.  

"I planned ahead of time and just packed a bag and stayed at my boss's house last night.  i live in Glen Burnie, about 25 miles from here, and I figure be on the safe side since we have so many orders," said Donna Cory, floral designer, The Gateway Florist.  

Snow boots are on the clippings, and they've been working since early Thursday morning following the snow.  Two employees were unable to get it, but Annapolis High School junior Morgan Creek is glad classes were canceled.  

"Right now, I'm just taping vases.  So I tape them, fill them with water and then they become a full dozen roses," said Creek.  

Each arrangement gets a unique touch from designers, who didn't let the snow dampen their hard-working spirits.

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