Shady Side to have 24-hour advanced life support coverage thanks to new paramedic engine

SHADY SIDE, Md. - Shady Side in southern Anne Arundel County was the last community there to not have 24-hour advanced life support availability from the fire department.

That is until now.

Fire Chief Michael Cox announced that Avalon Shores Fire Station was assigned a paramedic engine. The engine will be staffed with a paramedic and all the associated equipment necessary for the delivery of ALS.

The unit will respond to the types of calls requiring advanced medical training and initially stabilize the patient until a transport ambulance arrives to continue the care en route to the hospital.

Anne Arundel County Executive Laura Neuman said the staffing of this company with certified paramedics is being done with no fiscal impact to the taxpayers or the fire department budget

Cox said along with the re-assignment of personnel, existing advanced medical equipment was issued and placed on the fire engine. 

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