Sequester to hit MD contractors hard as cuts to federal contracts loom

HANOVER, Md - You can feel it in the air.

There is one thing that small business owners that.... do business with Uncle Sam want to do about sequestration.

They want to scream.

 "I think it's uncertainty for businesses at large. "

Ray Fields business does business with the government, but they prepared ahead of time for what was to come.

They're one of the lucky ones.

But that uncertainty, that Sword of Damocles hanging over everyone's head is enough to make even the most successful business cringe.

"It makes them want to say okay where are we going from this point forward what's being done to resolve it." Fields says.  

How the sequestration could impact Maryland

Sequestration on Maryland Education • Maryland will lose approximately $14.4 million in funding for primary and secondary education
• An estimated 350 special education teachers will lose their jobs
• On average school districts are preparing for a 6-10 percent reduction in funding
• Head Start and early Head Start Services would be eliminated for nearly 800 Maryland children

• Nearly 46,000 civilian Department of Defense employees could be furloughed
• You could face more flight delays and longer lines at the airport because of FAA employee furloughs

• About 750 Marylanders will be denied entry into substance abuse treatment programs
• Approximately 8,600 pregnant women and young children will lose access to nutritious food when Women, Infants and Children (WIC) funding is cut
• Approximately 150 fewer disabled individuals will receive vocational rehabilitation services- the wait list is currently 14 months long
• About 430 low-income families will lose their subsidized child care

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But what is being done?

Just about everyone in this room depends of government business to support their employees.

Some could have to cut their resources by as much as 20 to 30 percent as the feds reduce contracts.

Transition expert and author Leutrell Osborne says congress needs to engage the expertise of small business and others to solve this issue.

 "You heard me say the answer is in this room where is the mechanism to make sure that every one of these people add value to him as a senator to make him do better. "  Osborne says.

From the cubicles of business to the halls of government, the uncertainty affects future planning.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake called an emergency meeting to figure out what to do as sequestration affects things in the city.

Funds for community based programs like Headstart, Health initiatives, housing, transit HIV testing the list goes on.

She says it will also affect the city's ability to fight violent crime.

 "Baltimore's ATF office specializes in partnerships that oversee gun violence investigating violent offender's career criminals' illegal gun traffickers as well as gangs in addition 100 million dollars will be cut from the budget of the US attorney's office. " Rawlings-Blake says.     

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