School reopens after no sign of feral feline

GLEN BURNIE, Md. - The cat caper is a closed case. 

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Anne Arundel County school officials say there has been no sign of the feral cat that shut down Richard H. Lee Elementary School Friday and school will open on time Tuesday morning.

Students got an early holiday weekend Friday after animal control officers were unable to catch a feral cat loose in the Glen Burnie elementary school.

Sunday afternoon, Anne Arundel Schools spokesman Bob Mosier said the school would reopen Tuesday since there has been no sign of the feral feline for two days. Mosier said motion detectors in the school have not been activated, food left in traps has gone untouched and no one has seen the cat since Friday morning.

Officials said staff and students, including kindergartners,  should report to school on Tuesday, September 2.

Mosier said authorities would continue to monitor the situation and would provide an update on Monday. 

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