Sandy Point State Park has busy summer

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - It's been extremely busy this summer. That's not an exaggeration from Sandy Point State Park Ranger Dorna Cooper. Last year, Sandy Point had 900,000 visitors and this year’s looks to be even more.

Usually, the park peaks around the Fourth of July and then tapers off until a big Labor Day weekend. This year was different.

After the Fourth of July, park officials said they kept having “busy, busy weekends.”

Sandy Point is unique to most of our state parks because of its versatility, and that keeps Natural Resources police on their toes.

Sandy Point has pavilions and boat ramps, and every facet of public enjoyment is pretty much found at Sandy Point State Park.

There are also life guards on duty.  The Chesapeake Bay brings its own challenges.

It's not like a pool, you can't see the bottom. I mean you just have to be aware and see everything,” head life guard Taylor Walker said.

When there are big crowds, that can mean big problems. But the park has the staff to handle it. Park officials said 20 lifeguards are on staff this year. 

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