Residents want improvements after Glen Burnie crash

GLEN BURNIE, Md - It was horrific.

Two cars, a Mazda and a Pontiac traveling in opposite directions Marley Neck Road, the speed limit here is 50 miles an hour.

Police say the Mazda tried to pass a over a double yellow line and hit the Pontiac head on.

The front of the cars were shredded.

The ground is burned and smells of oil.

And pieces of the cars litter the side of the road and the woods.

It was horrific.

And it has scared a lot of people.

"It's too tragic that could have been us I was out there 30 minutes before the accident happened that could have been me."

Kelly Manocchio lives in a development less than a half a mile from the crash scene.

 This isn't the first time lives have been lost on this road, folks say about this time last year someone else died.

She says with all the new development in the area that has meant a huge increase in traffic.

But no one slows down.

 "People are speeding multiple residents have seen people passing through the double yellow lines speed limit is 50 but consistently there's 60, 65, 70 people are going faster than that. " Manocchio says.

Even before the Sunday's crash residents here sponsored a petition drive to get Anne Arundel County to make some sort of improvements to the road.

Traffic lights, traffic calming, cameras even a greater police presence many say would be welcome here.

"I definitely think cops would be good maybe a stop light I heard there's a lot of different things being thrown around." Melissa Kenyi says.

 "We'll be having a public discussion about it but what do we want to do as a community what consensus can we reach and what measures we want to take to lobby the county to do or not do anything we have to decide that." Luke Tilbury says.

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