O'Malley pushes for gas tax

Hundred protest prior to hearing

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - As governor Martin O'Malley prepares to address a joint committee on his gas tax increase proposal, protesters gathers in the shadow of the State House to show their disapproval for a tax increase on gas. 

Some people feel that this tax is a huge attack on the middle class and that they can't afford another tax increase in this recession. 

Betty LeBrun said "They think it's their right to keep taxing us, ever increasing, it doesn't occur to them to cut spending."

The governor proposes to increase the tax by 6 percent over a three year span. At today's rate that would add 18 to 20 cents per gallon by 2015. O'Malley says if we want a better Maryland it will take sacrifices.

Many people feel if the transportation fund wasn't raided so often to cover other state projects, there would be enough money for our roads and taxes wouldn't have to increase.

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