New 1,000-seat theater proposed for Annapolis

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - And you thought Rams Head Live on West Street in Annapolis was something.

Wait until you hear these plans: a 65,000 square foot theater  with 1,000 seats.

Geoffrey Voigt, the new president of Maryland for the Performing Arts, and his group want to build a $35 million arts center along Taylor Avenue next to the Westin Hotel. It's a 1,000-seat theater for music and the arts.

With Rams Head and the Maryland Hall in town some say it would interfere with their business. Voigt says with those two music venues being smaller, his new performance center would not compete for the same music acts.

“We are bringing the types of acts that would not normally come to Annapolis,” Voigt said. “So we are additive to the arts community.”

Kerry Friedewald recently took advantage of the open field where the performance center would go. Like many here she has mixed feelings.

“We would definitely miss having this field nearby but, if it brings new performing arts to Annapolis it could be a good thing,” she said.

For those concerned about traffic in the area, Voigt says all you have to do is look less than a half mile away at the Navy/Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

If everything goes Voigt's way, he hopes to open the new center in just 5 years from now.



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