Navy, Army compete in tug of war match

Charities benefit from contest


The army and navy rivalry is met on the rope.
It's the annual tug of war contest between Annapolis and Eastport.
A 17-hundred foot rope goes across spa creek for the longest tug of war over water in the world. 
The Navy beat the Army.
Annapolis Police beat the Fire Department in Eastport, but the bartenders crashed - giving that win to the other side.
"It was pretty intimidating being in front, seeing across the river, said Austin Grow, a Navy Midshipman.  "But I like the position and it is nice to kind of feel like I was leading the pack," he said. 
"There is a rivalry," said Alice Estrada with Main Street Annapolis Partnership.  "I think they just think Annapolis has been a little on the aristocratic, maybe snobby, and Eastport feels like they are more salt of the earth," Estrada said.  
Annapolis gets the bragging rights this year, winning four of the seven tugs.
Several local charities benefit from the contest.
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