Naval Academy teacher takes on the "Sharks"

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WMAR) - This is a sneak peek of tonight's hit ABC show Shark Tank.  

It features the invention of an Annapolis man.
Major Rob Dyer teaches accounting at the Naval Academy.
Here's a man who had to keep both eyes open while serving in Afghanistan and came up with a way to keep us from nodding off at the worst time.
The Major winning the troops over in New York -- handing out 2 sips in a bottle and you won't blink.
" Ha ha ha, it went really well," said Dyer.
Seven-million will watch tonight as he will tell us about Ruck Pack.  
A ruck is what the military uses to store exactly what they need, and nothing else, but today in Annapolis, he strolled by.
The civilian Rob Dyer ready to share his energy in a bottle story.
"If you're shaky with caffeine, that not good for a sniper," said Dyer.
Instead of concentrating on ingredients, he went after symptoms.
He has 10-12 military families invested.  
He was going slow, but they couldn't keep up with demand so he decided to go on Shark Tank.
If Major Rob can beat the enemy, he can certainly take on the sharks.
Ruck Pack is the only caffeine-free nutritional shot created on the battlefield.  
It's loaded with essential vitamins, and you can order it online.
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