Mosquito control spraying in Anne Arundel County

The Maryland Department of Agriculture is expanding its mosquito control services, after a case of West Nile Virus was recently discovered in the county.

The main changes to the plan will include increased surveillance and more truck-based spray operations.

Communities that will likely be sprayed include the area near Mountain Road and Waterford Road.

The spray will be applied to a block extending west to Sun Valley, east to Green Haven, north to Willow Run, and south to Farmington Village at Schramms Crossing.

Spraying is taking place Wednesday September 7th and 14th, although that may change because of the weather.

The Department of Agriculture is recommending that people avoid spending time outside in those areas on those nights.

 For more information about the spraying plan, check out the MDA website at control/index.php or call MDA's mosquito control program at 410-841-5870.

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