Morgan Kontor scores goals on the field, gets As in the classroom

Bel Air Honda Student Athlete of the Week

SEVERNA PARK, Md. - The Severn School is celebrating its 100th birthday.  It's about six miles from Annapolis with two separate campuses, one is Arnold and the other in Severna park.  The Severn girls soccer team is lead by Captain and Senior Morgan Kontor.

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This is Coach Albert Oni's first year at The Severn School.  He had no idea what he had in senior Morgan Kontor.

"Once pre-season started, I saw what skills she had:, said Coach.  Morgan has played four year on the varsity and she remembers day one like it was day one.

"It was really intimidating", says Morgan.

"I've coached a lot of team, but I've never seen someone who is so strong on the ball and intelligent," says a beaming Coach Oni.

Morgan knows by being team captain, she hold responsibility on and off the field.  Coach calls her a perfect team player making everyone of her teammates better.

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Maybe the highest compliment we've heard since doing these Bel Air Honda Student Athlete of the Week profiles is hearing for a coach who changed his philosophy because of one player.  And when he did, Morgan scored five goals in one game. 

Coach said, "I've never had a player as potent for putting the ball in the net."

And she is pretty potent at scoring "A"s on tests.

Morgan says, "I'm taking a pretty heavy load and plan on attending Carnegie Mellon."

Straight A's, straight to the goal and a coach who straight out says, Morgan Kontor should be and is the Bel Air Honda Student Athlete of the Week.


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