Marylanders reaching out to help first responders in New Jersey and New York

PASADENA, Md. - The rebuilding effort in New York and New Jersey is capturing the heart of Marylanders and one group in Anne Arundel County is throwing their support behind first responders.

"When guys are running out of buildings, these guy are running in."
John Williams runs a Facebook page dedicated to Anne Arundel County first responders.
He wants to help his colleagues in New York and New Jersey. 
"Those guys are working until they drop up there, so we figured we would do something to help them." 
While first responders are out helping the Sandy victims, their families are home alone.
In many cases, without heat.
John wants Marylanders to drop blankets, clothes, or any items that could help to his business on Mountain Road, Secure Solutions - Lock and Key.
Will Finley works here and plays in a local band called "Pasadena."
They play in New Jersey all the time.
He thought it would be good to give back to those that come out and support his band.
"People that we know up there aren't going to get back to there house for six to eight months."
Chief Bob Howlin was asked to help out in the relief effort from his side of the county and had no problem helping out the first responders.  
"Could be weeks or months before they get power back and they are out helping others, but yet they are taking time and their lives away from their families."
Even though New York and New Jersey are hundreds of miles away, their is some local connection here.
"People dropping stuff off say they have family up there and are happy we are helping out."
"There states are totally crippled, we are trying to use our resources to get things to them." 
If you would like to donate, you can drop off items at the Woodland Beach Fire Company.
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