Maryland veteran won't give up search for his missing dog

Don Shiles is a hardened veteran of more than 40 years, but he still gets a little misty-eyed thinking about where his best friend – a 4-year-old rat terrier – is.

After retiring from the military he seemed lonely and suffered a little depression. It was his dog Comet that helped him through the hard times.

Shiles has spent most of his life in the military, either in the Army or as a civilian. He's was involved in the Vietnam War all the way up to action in Iraq. But what ever happened in the war wasn't as heart breaking as this.

“I'm torn apart,” Shiles said. “I wake up lost cause he's not there. I'm supposed to be an adult but it's awful hard not having him around.”

The two quite literally went everywhere together.

That was the case a couple of weeks ago when Shiles and Comet went out for a ride in his pickup. Shiles was in an accident, which caused his truck to flip over.

Shiles came to with a broken collar bone and realized he hadn't lost his life, but he did lose his friend. Comet survived the crash and made it out of the crash.

“I saw him over out in the street,” Shiles said. “He must have thought I didn't make it. He took one last look at me and then walked away.”

Shiles and his wife Gay have spent weeks putting up “missing” signs around the site of the crash.

“We drive out there twice a day to look for him,” Shiles said.

So Shiles will continue his search for Comet who has a collar and dog tags on. He also has a microchip implanted in him so Shiles knows if they do find him they can identify him. Don just wishes he was back home by his side now.

“I've never had a dog like this.”


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