Judge drops 1 misconduct count against Leopold

Day seven of the trial against Anne Arundel County executive John Leopold saw some things happen in Leopold's favor.

Judge Dennis M. Sweeney decided to drop the second count of misconduct against the county executive -- it was a charge that dealt with theft of campaign signs.

Sweeney said he was "satisfied" with other counts, and the outcome of those has yet to be determined. Leopold is charged with three counts of misconduct while in office and one count of fraud.

Day seven was much different than previous days as the testimony of law enforcement officers assigned to Leopold's security detail was wrapped and questions fired at Leopold's doctor began.

The doctor said he had no problem releasing Leopold from the hospital, knowing that officers were assigned to his security detail to help him.

Leopold's accused of using his taxpayer funded police detail for personal and political reasons.
The state prosecutor alleges the 69-year-old 2-term republican leader made officers run errands, conceal an affair and stand watch while he had sex in a county parking lot with a county employee.

ABC2 News' Cheryl Conner has been covering the misconduct trial of Anne Arundel County executive Anthony Leopold since day one.

Conner says day six began with testimony of an officer who said he made overtime on the county's dime, delivering a newspaper to Leopold and driving him to lunch. It ended with prosecutors saying Leopold cost the county about $10,000 in personal expenses/services.

The trial will resume Monday at 9 a.m.



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