Jails go pink for breast cancer awareness

Even if you've never been inside of a jail cell, it's safe to assume there's nothing pretty.

That is until now.

Inmates in Anne Arundel County painted the holding cells below the circuit court house pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month.

There's even a trademark ribbon.

Sheriff Ron Bateman says the juvenile cells needed a facelift, plus pink is a soothing color.

"So maybe one day when they're 30 years old and they're thinking about this even that's burned in their mind about being in jail for a small period of time, they'll also remember that symbol. Maybe it will cause them to donate; maybe it will cause them to do something," says Sheriff Bateman.

Inmates agree.

"I think they maybe would start taking notice of the pink walls because it's a difference, it's a real big difference as opposed to any other jail," says Inmate DuWayne Mason.

Sheriff Bateman says he will work on painting all his cells pink.

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