Hogan 'disavows' secessionist running for Anne Arundel County Council seat

Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan has agreed to disassociate himself from an Anne Arundel County Council candidate who associated himself with an organization that has been labeled a hate group.


The announcement came Friday, after it was revealed that Michael Peroutka was a member of the League of South, a group that called for southern states to secede from the United States.


The group is considered a hate group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.


In a statement, Hogan's spokesman, Adam Dubitsky, responded:


"Larry absolutely disavows him. Those views have never been a part of the Republican Party and they never will."


Pressure for the dissociation came after Democratic gubernatorial candidate Lt.

Gov. Anthony Brown released a statement on the situation:


In it, the campaign said:


“It's surprising that Maryland Republicans would nominate a candidate who's a member of a hate group with such disturbing racial and secessionist positions, but we call on Larry Hogan to do the sensible thing and disassociate himself from Peroutka and his views.”


Peroutka, who founded the Institute on Constitution, gained statewide attention in June, after he minimally beat out Maureen Carr-York for the fifth district  council seat in Anne Arundel County.


“In both private and public policy, we must remember that God created only one race - the human race," Peroutka said. "Therefore, all elevation or denigration of individuals or groups based on skin color is immoral and shameful because it violates the Law of Nature and Nature’s God.”




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