Heavy rain causes flooding on roads and in at least one business.

Linthicum, Md. -  

Not again.  You see the restaurant from the beltway, but you won't see the open sign anytime soon.

Snyder's Willow Grove in Linthicum gets hit with flooding again.

"I had sandbags up at the door to block it in and the water got so high the pressure just caved the sandbags in and that's what fills it up here," said Vernon Snyder, restaurant owner.     

Snyder just got things in order following Hurricane Sandy, and now seven feet of water ended up in his basement.  The walk-in cooler could be gone.

"Depending on what works and what doesn't work, $150,000 - $200,000," said Snyder, on what he may lose.     

Snyder has pumps working overtime to dry out the electrical units.  He still hasn't gotten a check from his insurance company following Sandy, where he lost $70,000 in equipment.  Across the area, roads were closed.  

In Laurel, a homeless woman was unable to get away from the flooding.  She was trapped in the low-lying woods in Laurel, where her body was later found. 

The gates to two area dams were open making the situation worse.  BWI recorded two inches of rain.

"Superbowl weekend.  It's not a good weekend to lose, but what can you do," said Snyder.     

Several roads were shutdown in Anne Arundel County.  A spokesperson for the AA County Fire Department says cars have been dodging them and getting stuck.

Division Chief Keith Swindle says it's best to turn around and don't temp fate. 


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