Flush tax to help clean bay

PASADENA, Md. - Too often we think our tax money is being flushed down the toilet, but money from the flush tax will now help clean up the bay.

It's all starting in one neighborhood where the water quality is about to be upgraded.

Stoney Creek in Anne Arundel County looks clean and peaceful now, but it's not always that way. On heavy rain days the Cox Creek Water Treatment Plant would sometimes overflow into the creek. With the mess getting into the bay, the excess nitrogen and pollution affects the fish and wildlife found in and around surrounding waterways.

Now, the state is doing something about it. The Board of Public Works approved almost $100 million in grants and loans to upgrade the Cox Creek Sewage Water Treatment Plant.

"When it overflows, you get a terrible odor," says Stoney Creek resident Brian Thomas. "It's just stinking. If they dump some money into it, it's pretty good."

Brian Kraush owns a seafood spot near the plant. He's cooking up crabs that were caught in the bay. Clean water is important to him.

"They have a problem with all the plants... gonna be better," Kraush says.

Though something needs to be done, there are some residents that are skeptical of plans and how money will be allocated.

"There's a lot of plans that are presented to the public that don't come to fruition. So, I hope this does. That's my big concern right there," says Alex Fakeri.

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