Flooding at BWI damages parked cars

LINTHICUM, Md. - Hours of rain wreaked havoc on multiple long term parking lots at BWI Airport Tuesday.

By the time ABC 2 News’ cameras got there, the flood waters had already receded 6 to 10 inches. Tow trucks worked for hours moving vehicles one by one to higher ground.

"I've never seen it flood, I've worked here since 1984 and I've never seen that area flood," said BWI Chief Administrator Ned Carey.


Shuttle busses dropped passengers off at long term lots A and B with damaged cars, trucks and SUVs welcoming them home.  Dave Pedersen was one of them. The Pennsylvania man had only been gone overnight for business.

"Looked over and saw the car, and said looks like my cars under water or at least partially under water, so quite a surprise," he said.

Pedersen was able to get inside and get the SUV running.  But about two inches of water guaranteed his ride home would be soggy.

"I can see where it came up to where the center console is,” Pederson said.  “You can see some water damage, and just some water damage to about halfway up where the speakers are on the door as well."

He had a positive attitude about the whole situation, but for dozens of drivers the ordeal is far from over.

"I have a feeling that the car will be totaled."

Airport officials say they are letting passengers know about the flooding during the ride to the lots on the shuttle busses. The lots are run by Maryland Parking, and right now they're working to figure out exactly why the waters rose today.

It’s unclear if it is a drainage issue or the water just rose too fast.  If your car was parked at the lots and you have damage you can call BWI insurance at 410-859-7777.


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