Film tax credit increase fails in the General Assembly

ANNAPOLIS - Maryland lawmakers aren't bowing to pressure from film production companies.

In the last few minutes of the general assembly, House lawmakers shot down the measure that would have given the state $18.5 million to spend on film tax incentives.

The Netflix drama "House of Cards" was one of the driving forces behind the bill.

The show's production company threatened to move filming out of state if they didn't get more tax credits.

They've already received more than $26 million in credits over the last two years.

The Senate had passed a measure to set aside more money for the film tax incentive program, but House lawmakers were concerned even if the show was given more money, they might still decide to leave Maryland.

Since the bill didn't pass, Maryland has $15 million to spend on film incentives.

No word on whether that will be enough to keep "House of Cards" in Maryland.

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