Feral cat caught inside Glen Burnie school

GLEN BURNIE - After spending the holiday weekend evading animal control, the cat that prompted a Glen Burnie elementary school to close its doors early Friday has been captured.

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Animal control tried over the weekend to find and trap the cat, which was described Friday as feral, but by Monday night the cat was still at large.

Richard Henry Lee Elementary School officials believed the animal had left the building, so students and staff were cleared to return to the school as scheduled Tuesday, school principal Christopher Wooleyhand  wrote in a letter to parents.

Before students arrived Tuesday, two second grade teachers found cat fur and urine inside a classroom supply closet. The teachers closed the closet and contacted animal control.

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Animal control was able to catch the cat remove it from the school. The agency told the school the cat will be monitored until they decide what to do with it.

No students were around when the cat was captured.

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