Father shoots fighting pit bull

SEVERN, Md. - Sunday morning's crime tape is now bunched up in a recycling container on Oriole Court in Severn, but neighbors say they don't want to see a scene like that again.

"That's not safe. Not for an area where children play," said neighbor Nichele Fields.

Because the area where Fields' children and grandchildren play is where police say a man used his handgun to shoot and kill a dog.

It happened at 11 in the morning this past Sunday.

Detectives say children were playing with their pit bull which was not on a leash when it charged and attacked another pit which was on a leash.

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The children ran home to get their dad and that is when witnesses say the 32 year old father came back, shot and killed the leashed dog when the two dogs wouldn't stop fighting.

"That's very terrifying. I mean the children play. Anybody can get hit by a stray bullet," said Fields.

The use of that handgun is just one of many concerns for police in this case who say they are still at the very beginning of their investigation.

"The legality around the ownership of the weapon, the authorization to carry the weapon and the subsequent discharge of the weapon, that's all a part of the investigation," said Anne Arundel County Police Spokesperson Justin Mulcahy.

Police say they were back out at the scene today to do follow up interviews and collect more evidence.

Charges are possible against the man who used his gun, an over reaction neighbors feel put children and others in danger.

"It's crazy because if it was one of my children, the neighbors child, that's terrible. Something needs to be done. Something really needs to be done," said Fields.

A decision eventually determined by the Anne Arundel County State's Attorneys office.

The one pit bull was shot in the torso and later died at a local veterinarian's office.

The other dog is currently in the custody of animal control.

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