Storm, possible tornado, topples trees in Anne Arundel County

A majestic oak tree that had withstood everything Mother Nature has had to offer over the last century is reduced to firewood; a casualty of Tuesday's high winds.
"I was standing right there at the door and I looked out and there was just a 'Whoosh!' and I heard a loud crack,” said Bill Noonan. “That's where all the roots broke and everything, and then it slammed right down on the ground just like that.  There was no weaving back and forth.  It just slammed it right over and it was gone."
It was gone and Noonan's 2008 model Honda CRV was totaled in the process just 15 minutes after he had driven to his friend's house ahead of the storm.
Those same winds downed trees throughout the neighborhood along Herald Harbor Road near Crownsville, and it all happened in a matter of a few minutes.
"My sister in Sherwood Forest called and said there are tornado warnings, and before my husband and I could get off of our porch and into the house and to the basement, it was over,” said Carol Wagner. “It was that fast."
The National Weather Service has deployed teams to the area to try to determine whether it was a tornado, but their initial findings suggest it was nothing more than high winds associated with a thunderstorm, and of course, a dose of bad luck for those in its path.
"I don't think it was a tornado, but I couldn't be sure,” said Noonan. “I didn't see any funnel cloud or anything like that."
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